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Fox tamer izuna картачная гульня

Fox Tamer, Izuna狐きつね 使つか い イヅナ English - Japanese. Fox Tamer, Izuna, Cardfight Vanguard, Strongest! Critical / Trigger: 1 / Front Flavor: If you think you see a gap, thats the work of a fox. Number - Rarity: PR/0351EN - PR Unit / Grade / Skill: Trigger / 0 / Boost Nation / Race / Clan: Dragon Empire / Human / Murakumo Power.

Hobby Corner, DKI Jakarta. Cari product Kartu Remi lainnya di Tokopedia. Fox Tamer Izuna dengan harga Rp 2.000 dari toko online Otsukare!

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fox tamer izuna картачная гульня

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